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Chiropractic Care for all stages in life

Class IV High Intensity Laser Therapy

Rehabilitation Exercises

Spinal Strengthening 

​Core and Balance Training

​Non-Pharmacologic Pain management



​Sciatica , etc.    

Physical Therapy Modalities

​Sports Rehabilitation 

Kinesiology Tape

In House Licensed 

Dietitian  and  Supplements

 Therapeutic Massage 


​​Dr. Knapp has been providing chiropractic care in Sarasota for over 30 years, striving to bring patients effective and innovative treatment.  He has been providing laser therapy in Sarasota since 2006 and is a national leader in Class IV Laser therpay , also known as High Intensity Laser Therapy or HILT, which promotes tissue healing, decreases treatment time, and significantly improves return to activity. This combined with chiropractic and exercise based rehabilitation offer a contemporary approach to musculoskeletal care. His technique is Diversified and Gonstead method (i.e.hands on).  His goal is to increase patient and physician awareness of chiropractic care and laser therapy through in-office care, lectures, publications, and ongoing research.

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Email - info@knappchirolaser.com       phone  941 925-2211

3982 Bee Ridge Rd Blgd H Suite H   Sarasota, FL  34233